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New 42D0637-5Pack

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  42D0637 IBM 300-GB 6G 10K 2.5 SFF SAS
  Your Price: 5 Pack  $931.16 CAD  [ $186.23 CAD ea ]

42D0637 IBM 300-GB 6G 10K 2.5 SFF SAS 5 Pack

Product ID: 456867
This SKU is a 5 Pack
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5 x 300GB 6G Serial Attached SCSI SAS 2.5-inch 10K Single Port Slim Hot-Swap Hard Drive

Part Number(s)
IBM Option Part# 42D0637
IBM Option Part# 42D0639
IBM FRU# 42D0638
IBM Part# 42D0641

The IBM 300GB 10K rpm SAS-2 6GBps 2.5-inch SFF Slim HDDs provide a 2.5-inch form factor that can be used as hot-swap drives. The addition of a 300GB 10K rpm offering to the System x and BladeCenter blade family of 2.5-inch SAS HDDs makes it one of the highest-performing SFF options. These drives are positioned at the top of the SAS SFF HDD line based on increased performance and capacity.

CategoryIBM HardDrive
GenerationG2HS SAS
Part Number42D0637-5Pack
Products ID456867
HDD Form Factor2.5 inches
Spindle Speed10000RPM
External Data Transfer Rate600MB/s
Seek Time2.9ms
Buffer Size16MB
Average Latency2ms
Interface (Detailed)Serial Attached SCSI 2 (SAS-2)
Hot SwapYes
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 42D0637 IBM 300-GB 6G 10K 2.5 SFF SAS [5 Pack]
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42D0637 IBM 300-GB 6G 10K 2.5 SFF SAS
Printer Friendly 42D0637-5Pack Information Enlarge 42D0637-5Pack's Image
 42D0637-5Pack G2HS SAS 10K 
 Part#: 42D0637-5Pack
 Quantity: 442 In Stock  
 Warranty: 1 Year
 Usually Ships: Same Day
 Condition: New
  Price: $931.16 CAD [ $186.23 CAD ea ]
42D0637-5Pack 1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty $0.00
Genuine IBM 42D0637-5Pack
This product is a Genuine IBM Certified Hard Drive
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We have 442 pieces of 42D0637-5Pack in stock and ready to ship as of
Shipping Options:  42D0637-5Pack
This product has a 30 Day return and a 1 Year replacement warranty.
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Manufacturer Part# 42D0637-5Pack
 Condition :   New   Usually Ships :   Same Day 
 Warranty :   1 Year   Dim weight :   2.50 lbs
 Packaging :   Sealed Static Bag  Factory original :   42D0637-5Pack 
   42D0637 IBM 300-GB 6G 10K 2.5 SFF SAS [5 Pack]  Price: $931.16 CAD  [ $186.23 CAD ea ]